SecuPerts Identity Inspector

Has one of your user accounts been hacked?

SecuPerts Identity Inspector warns you as soon as your data is circulating on the Internet or has been stolen during a cyber attack! To find out if your login data and passwords were stolen during a hack, use the Identity Inspector. Every four hours, the software compares your email addresses with our databases, which list all hacked email addresses.

The Identity Inspector checks 6 times a day!

In the event of a data theft, every second counts. Users often use one password and one e-mail address for several accounts.

If, for example, the e-mail provider’s login data has been compromised – as happened in 2014 with and GMX – it is only a matter of time before the data thieves find out for which online accounts they can register with the compromised access data.

Then there will be little time for changing all passwords, otherwise there could be great damage. The Identity Inspector provides you with information on the current security situation worldwide. This includes news and advice on hacks and the latest data leaks. You can see, for example, the number of pages and accounts affected by hacking. You can easily identify and avoid portals that are affected by hacking. What are you waiting for?